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Winter • 2024 Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Yakima, WA Permit No. 157 El Paso Health PO Box 971100 El Paso, TX 79997-1100 Need to call your child’s dental plan but can’t find the phone number? El Paso Health has the phone numbers to our members’ dental plans on our website: www.elpasohealth.com. Scroll down to “Important Info” at the bottom of the main page and click on “Important Phone Numbers.” Then click on the “Dental Maintenance Organization Phone Numbers” tab to find your children’s plan. If you are not sure what dental plan your children have, call our Member Services team at 915532-3778 or toll free at 1-877532-3778. We can provide you with the name of the dental plan your children have and answer any questions you may have. Thank you for choosing El Paso Health. www.elpasohealth.com 915-532-3778 1-877-532-3778 El Paso Health Dental Maintenance Organization Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) phone numbers

2 wellness When the flu becomes an emergency For many of us, having a bad case of the flu can be a miserable experience. But sometimes the flu can be more than just an annoying sickness. It can be downright dangerous. How the flu can be severe Although it takes a few days to a week or 2, most people recover from the flu, which is a viral respiratory infection. But some people develop severe and potentially life-threatening complications, like pneumonia. The flu can also lead to dehydration. And it can make other health problems a person may already have, like asthma or heart disease, worse. Although anyone can develop flu complications, people at higher risk include adults over age 65, younger children, and pregnant women. People with underlying health conditions—such as diabetes or heart, kidney, or lung disease—are also at higher risk. Welcome, Dr. Raj Patel, to the Pediatric Health Center El Paso welcomes Dr. Raj Patel to our member community. Dr. Patel was born and raised in El Paso, where he grew his love for this community. He is excited to be able to give back to the community by providing the necessary services needed for children and parents. Dr. Patel completed his training at the University of Oklahoma Children’s Hospital and medical school at Texas Tech University Health Science Center in Lubbock. He is a board-eligible pediatrician, and in his free time he enjoys watching the Dallas Cowboys, watching movies, and spending time with his family. For more information, please feel free to call his office at 915-593-5444. Warning signs of a flu emergency If you have flu-like symptoms (including fever, chills, body aches, and a sore throat) and you’re in a high-risk group, ask your doctor about antiviral medicines. When started early, they may help you recover sooner. You should also pay attention to your symptoms and seek medical care right away if you have signs or symptoms of a flu emergency, which can include: ■Trouble breathing or fast breathing in children. ■Chest pain. ■Dizziness or confusion. ■Severe muscle pain, which can be bad enough to affect walking. ■Seizures. ■A fever or cough that improves but then returns or worsens. ■In children, a fever above 104ºF or, in infants younger than 12 weeks, any fever. ■Dehydration. Signs include not urinating, having a dry mouth, and having no tears when crying. ■A worsening of chronic health conditions. Sources: American Academy of Family Physicians; American Academy of Pediatrics; American Red Cross; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention IS IT AN EMERGENCY? If you’re not sure whether your flu illness rises to the level of an emergency, call your primary care provider or visit the nearest emergency room.

3 wellness Lactation services for high-risk pregnancies A new value-added service for in-home breastfeeding counseling support visits for new moms who had high-risk pregnancies and their babies is now available. El Paso Health knows how important it is to have help for our breastfeeding mothers. This benefit is for all STAR and CHIP members. We will send a breastfeeding expert to your house to teach you about breastfeeding. We think that helping during this important time improves the health of mom and baby. Feel free to reach out to our case managers at El Paso Health by calling 915-532-3778. McKinney Vento Act The McKinney Vento Act makes services available to any child lacking a fixed, regular, or adequate residence. The program advocates for families in the region experiencing homelessness to overcome any barriers that are preventing them from receiving a meaningful education. If a child is lacking any of the above mentioned, they may qualify for services. You can learn more by clicking the “McKinney-Vento Education” link under “Programs” at www.esc19.net. You can also call El Paso Health for more assistance. El Paso Health has special Medicaid services for farmworker children. To help you get these services, please call us at 1-877-532-3778, Ext. 1075. We will help you get the medical services your children need. Stress and anxiety during the holidays Holidays usually bring happiness and a time to get together. For some people, this time brings sadness, stress, and anxiety. What can you do to help make the holidays easier? ■Be realistic. This doesn’t have to be “the best holiday ever.” Each holiday season is different. ■Gatherings can be difficult. You don’t have to accept the invitation, or you can attend and leave early. ■Family time can be with a phone call, a video chat, or in person. Don’t feel pressured. Spend time with the people who care about you. ■Practice self-care. Listen to music. Go for a walk. Read a book. Practice deep breathing and meditation. Avoid alcohol and drugs. Get enough sleep. Eat well. ■If you are still feeling stress or anxiety, talk to someone you trust (family or friend) or let your doctor know you want to see a therapist. If you or someone you love is experiencing a crisis, call our 24-hour Behavioral Health Crisis Line toll-free number: ■STAR: 1-877-377-6147 ■CHIP: 1-877-377-6184

ABOUT YOUR HEALTH is published as a community service for the friends and patrons of EL PASO HEALTH, 1145 Westmoreland Drive, El Paso, TX 79925, telephone 1-877-532-3778, website www.elpasohealth.com. Information in ABOUT YOUR HEALTH comes from a wide range of medical experts. If you have any concerns or questions about specific content that may affect your health, please contact your health-care provider. Models may be used in photos and illustrations. 2023 © Coffey Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. EPHM7742308-EPH-MBR-Winter 2024 Member Newsletter Member Services Department 1-877-532-3778 member news Child passenger safety Car accident injuries are a leading cause of death among children in the United States. However, many of these deaths can be prevented. Pediatricians play an important role in promoting child passenger safety. They will ask questions to make sure that your child is in a proper car seat and that you know the basic car seat rules. The child’s doctor will also share information on where you can get assistance with a proper car seat installation. They can also guide you on how to look for a car seat technician near your home who can assist in a car seat installation. Pediatricians can also show you how to look for events that are held for proper car seat checkups. It is very important to have the correct car seat for your child installed according to their weight and height. Labels are placed on car seats that will guide you to the correct one. Remember, the more you know about car seats and the correct way to install them, the more you can protect your child and save their life. You can call El Paso Health for more car seat information at 915-532-3778. Have you seen these types of fraud, waste, and abuse? When someone does something wrong and they know it, it is fraud. When they do not follow the rules, it is abuse. Below are a few kinds of fraud, waste, and abuse. Identity theft: This is like someone pretending to be you. It’s as if they borrowed your insurance card and used it to get things. It is fraud to let anyone use your insurance card. Fake information: Sometimes people might not tell the truth on purpose. For example, they might say they have less money than they really do. They might also say there are more people who live in their home. Transportation tricks: Calling for an ambulance when there is not really a big emergency or using nonemergency transport for something that is not related to your medical needs. Misusing services: Picture someone going to the emergency room for a small issue that does not need quick care. It is like using a strong tool for a tiny problem. This can make it hard for people who really need special help to get the services they need. If you see anyone doing these things, please report it to the Office of Inspector General at 1-800-436-6184. You can report anonymously.