El Paso Health | About Your Health | Spring 2021

Keep updated on COVID-19! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to learn more about COVID-19 and get some great health tips for you and your family. Find us at: facebook.com/ ElPasoHealthPlans ; instagram.com/ElPasoHealth . Maintaining childhood wellness exams during COVID-19 I f you have put off doctor visits during the COVID-19 pandemic, now is a good time to visit your pediatrician and get caught up. Children and teens need regular checkups with their doctor to make sure their development is on track, to talk about nutrition and behavior, and to get the vaccines they need to stay healthy. According to the World Health Organization, both the COVID-19- related burden on the health-care system and decreased demand for vaccination because of physical distancing requirements have decreased the number of parents taking their children for routine medical checkups and vaccinations. It is important that immunizations are administered on time. This can help save lives by helping to prevent the spread of a number of contagious diseases, such as measles and pertussis. Not having vaccinations can cause greater burden on health systems already strained by the COVID-19 response. The high potential for outbreaks makes it important for children to continue to receive immunization services wherever services can be conducted under safe conditions. Don’t forget about these other reasons why your children should visit the pediatrician’s office: ■ Newborn visits after having a baby. ■ Adolescent health concerns, such as menstrual care and depression screening. ■ For routine lead testing. ■ For hearing and vision screenings. ■ To monitor growth, blood pressure, and other vital signs. ■ To check labs, such as for anemia. ■ For physical examinations before returning to sports or other activities. ■ To check on developmental milestones. ■ To treat infections or injuries. If your child is behind on care, please call your pediatrician! Pediatricians’ offices are taking extra steps to protect against COVID-19. Spring • 2021 Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Walla Walla, WA Permit No. 44 El Paso Health PO Box 971100 El Paso, TX 79997-1100